How to make an Order:

You may order by Phone at 647-272-7155 or Order Online by clicking on desired item and processing the order. After you confirm the order, you will receive an email confirmation, we will get in contact with you and make the payment and delivery arrangements. We will assist you with the shipping charges after the confirmation of order. We ship normally within 24 HOURS after receiving payment. Shipping takes 3- 5 business days. We deliver the goods to your location at a scheduled time. Shipping charges are extra based on your location. Please do not make arrangements with your contractor for installation until you have received the product, verified quantity and color. If by any reason, there is any delay in products delivery, our company assume no liability for contractor cost for errors or delays in delivery. We highly recommend to see the products at our showroom before purchasing to avoid unnecessary returns.

Returns and Refunds

The option to return your merchandise if you are not satisfied is available. Returns must be made within 5 days of receipt of material. To qualify for a refund you must contact us at 647-272-7155. All items must be in original packing. For all returns there is a 15% restocking fee.  You are responsible for the shipping charges back to our warehouse on returned merchandise. Your refund is based on the merchandise being returned in the original packaging and in good condition. Shipping Cost related to returning the merchandise is customer’s responsibility. When you return merchandise, damage in transit can occur. Please ensure that all returns are packaged properly to avoid damage. If the original carton is compromised from the initial transit, repackaging is acceptable and recommended. Refunds are based on merchandise being returned in new condition. If the products are damaged by the shipper during the return transit, we will refund you, less the amount of damaged products. It is your responsibility to file claims against the shipper for any product damaged during return and your claim may be compromised if the shipper inspects the damage and determines the product was not packaged properly. There are no options for returns or refunds for installed products. Please inspect your products upon arrival to verify that you have received the correct product, and that there is no damage. We will be unable to process a claim for any damages if the damage is not reported immediately.

Damaged Materials

Although we make every effort to avoid damage and provide premium packaging, damage sometimes occurs. Any damage done in the original transit is subject to the shipper’s claim procedures and is not our responsibility. Because we will be unable to process a claim for any damages if the damage is not reported immediately, it is critical that you open and inspect all material immediately. If damage has occurred we will happily replace the damaged product. The shipper may require an inspection of the damage so you will be required to hold onto the damaged items and original boxes for 5 business days.